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Agent Spotlight: Clay Winder

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Meet our fearless leader, Clay Winder! From a young age, Clay has been involved in real estate. His years of experience and desire to help those around him find success in buying and selling real estate have led to hundreds of families building wealth through homeownership. As a home grown Realtor and having lived all over the Wasatch front, Clay is known among peers as one of the most knowledgeable neighborhood experts around. He currently leads one of Utah’s most successful residential real estate sale teams, Red Sign Team, is a franchise owner of Keller Williams Westfield Real Estate and KW Argentina, and co-owns multiple real estate investment companies.

After receiving his real estate license in 2006, he went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Public Law from UVU in 2010, became a real estate broker in 2011, a real estate continuing education teacher for the state of Utah in 2012, and graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development in 2020.

Clay considers himself a man of many passions. In his free time he loves scuba diving and hiking. He has even conquered Mount Everest! He currently resides in beautiful Utah Valley with his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Where he loves to spend time outdoors with his family!

Clay’s passion for real estate development has lead him to create Builder Experts a place where all local, and out of state residents can check out the latest community developments, and available vacant lots! With the current real estate market being so crazy, Clay wanted to have all the information available for his clients regarding new construction in one place! His goal is to connect clients with builders to allow them to build their dream home with ease.

Another Hobby clay has pursued is hosting a real estate podcast series. Clay host Red Sign Podcast every week, and episodes are released Wednesday morning! This podcast series covers everything regarding the real estate industry, from how to invest, to building green, to the new construction process, his podcast has it covered! Each week Clay brings on a different industry leader in a specific area within real estate to go over in depth what is happening in the market!

To learn more about Clay Winder and his passion for helping others build legacy wealth through real estate investing check out his website portfolio! There you can discover what Clay has done for his community and get in touch with him!

For more information regarding our agents on the Red Sign Team, visit our Agents Page on our website!

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